DRF Info

The Dana Running Foundation Mission:

The purposes of the Foundation:

  1. To establish and foster organizational and financial support and to create a positive environment for the student athletes of Dana Hills High School (DHHS) to succeed in athletics and academics.
  2. To foster and maintain school spirit among the students, faculty, parents, and the community of DHHS.
  3. To encourage adult support and assistance in promoting the boys and girls Cross Country and Track & Field (X-C/T&F) program of DHHS.


President Audra Smith ocwebhomes@gmail.com (949) 289-2495
Vice President
Treasurer Kerri Hoagland kerri.hoagland@wdc.com (949) 433-3212
Secretary Carrie Rice Carrie_rice@att.net (949) 633-2062




Kathy Herritt kathyherritt@icloud.com (949) 690-3901
Bob Kahle 4bobkahle@gmail.com (949) 715-1100
Chris Karner
Staci Kline staci_kline@kingston.com (714) 224-2099
Laura Reskey laurareskey1@gmail.com (949) 842-5448
Susan Rodgers srodgers3@gmail.com (310) 291-3483

*For complete copy of the By-laws, contact Audra Smith.

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