Boys are League Champs on all levels

The Boys are League Champions on all levels with individual winners on each grade level! On varsity, the boys ran a “perfect 15,” placing 1st through 5th, and had 7 boys through the finish in the top 9 runners!

1  Jai Dawson 10 Dana Hills 14:17.2
2 Carrick Denker 12 Dana Hills 14:23.7
3 Gianni Viola 11 Dana Hills 14:41.9
4 Brandon Pizano 11 Dana Hills 14:43.5
5 Joseph Moersch 11 Dana Hills 14:52.4

Individual League Champs on other levels were:

Justin Boos – JV – 15:32.5
Nick Burke – Sophomore – 15:47.3
Jude Landgraf – Freshmen – 15:50.1

The Girls placed 2nd on Varsity and 3rd place on the JV, Sophomore, and Freshmen levels.

Way to go Dolphins!!! What a great season it has been. Let’s cheer on the Varsity boys and girls, as they make their way towards The State Meet!!


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